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Your Persian/Oriental rug is a masterpiece requiring the highest quality of care. With over three generations of experience, we’ve perfected the fine art of Persian/Oriental Rug care and maintenance. Our expert staff has serviced thousands of handmade rugs from all around the world. We pride ourselves in providing the finest quality of care for the purpose of maintaining the true value of Persian and Oriental rugs.

6 Reason to Choose
Daliri Carpet & Services

Large inventory of imported rugs
In our showroom we provide our clients with a large variety of handmade oriental rugs in a range of sizes, colors, designs, and prices in order to cater to all tastes and budgets. As a direct importer of handmade rugs we are able to decrease our costs and provide the highest quality rugs at the most reasonable prices. Our clients are guaranteed the LOWEST prices for the HIGHEST quality of rugs.
Rug cleaning & restoration
We use only the most traditional methods for repairing and cleaning damaged Persian and Oriental rugs. Our experts can restore and clean your rugs through meticulous work which is ALL done by hand. Our services include but are not limited to stain removal, fringe and binding repairs, color restoration, odor removal, pet damage and more.
Expert appraisals
Our rug experts have extensive knowledge of Persian and Oriental rugs and are able to provide you with professional appraisals for your rugs. With over three generations of experience with oriental rugs, we can provide honest and valuable information and appraisals to our clients helping them to know and understand the true and correct value of their handmade rugs with a FORMAL notice of appraisal.
Free pick up & delivery
Our team is dedicated to providing prompt and valuable customer service to our clients on a seven days a week basis. We are prepared to pick up and deliver your rugs at your convenience on any day of the week that works best for YOU. Best of all, our pickup and delivery services are FREE of charge.
Rug storage
Our large showroom and plentiful storage areas allow us to store your rugs in a safe environment all year long.
Free estimates
Our knowledgeable staff can provide you with expert estimates for your oriental rugs. All verbal estimates are FREE of charge.

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