Professional Cleaning

High Quality Cleaning Service

With the most experienced experts on our team, we provide the best services for your carpet’s well being. Our expert staff use traditional methods to hand wash your rugs and keep them in spectacular condition.

Our experts can complete repairs on your rugs and restore your rug that may have faded due to sun exposure or deteriorated because of water damage or any other causes such as damage because of pets. We can provide an odor removal process to remove a bad odor that may have resulted from your pet (ex. Cat or dog urine).

Because of the fact that we only use environmentally friendly soaps, shampoos, and other products, there is never any harmful residues left in your rug and you can rest assured that your carpet is always in good hands.

Our company works closely with many insurance companies as they rely on our experts for formal appraisals as well as repairs and restoration of all types of rugs including modern, tribal, fine quality, and antiques. Our free seven days a week pick up and delivery services ensure that you won’t ever have to worry about anything when working with us. You can trust us with all of your carpet needs.

Cleaning and repair services

We offer free pick-up and delivery services for area rug cleaning and repairs. Our experts can perform all different types of repairs including binding repair, fringe repair, moth damage repair, leather repair, color and stain removal and much more. Water and environmentally friendly shampoos are used to hand wash your rug for the best results.


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