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The Care and Cleaning of Oriental Rugs

The beauty and quality of your oriental rug can be maintained for decades to come with proper care and cleaning. The maintenance information reviewed below will assure you years of luxurious service from your newly purchased rug.

Basic Care

Rug wear is inevitable but preventative steps can be taken to greatly reduce the effects of wear. Frequently rotating your rug 180 degrees will help equalize the effects of wear and the elements on your rug or kilim. It is a good idea to occasionally rearrange the layout of the room to alter traffic patterns across the rug. Moths and dampness are what really threaten the longevity of your oriental rug. A rug in use, which is frequently moved and exposed to air and light, is rarely in danger of moth damage. Dampness can cause mildew and deterioration of rug threads and fabric. Avoid displaying or storing the rug anywhere that is not dry and well ventilated. Avoid soaking the rug when cleaning spills. Never place a planter on the rug unless an air circulation space exists between the container and the rug. Continuous exposure to sunlight and household fumes should be considered when displaying the rug because continuous exposure to sunlight will eventually cause color fading and increase the rug’s brittleness. Fumes from the stove, chimney and furnace create acidity, which will adversely affect the rug. The best course of action is to limit exposure to these elements as much as possible in order to increase the life of your rug.

Cleaning and repair services

We offer free pick-up and delivery services for area rug cleaning and repairs. Our experts can perform all different types of repairs including binding repair, fringe repair, moth damage repair, leather repair, color and stain removal and much more. Water and environmentally friendly shampoos are used to hand wash your rug for the best results.
Fringe repair
The most common type of repair for area rugs. Our experts meticulously hand-weave damaged or destroyed fringes. This can be done using your choice of cotton, wool or silk.

Binding Repair
Binding is woven along the length of most rugs to help protect the knots. It may become loose over years of use and it may need replacement. New and strong binding can help protect the foundation of any rug while adding a decorative touch to your rug.

Moth Damage Repair
Moth damage is common in humid, damp, and dark places where a rug may be covered by furniture or improperly stored without moth repellants. Moth damage may result in decay of the pile or cause visible holes in the pattern. In this case, the rug must be re-woven in the areas that have been damaged and treated with certain products to deter the moths from returning.

Leather Repair
Leather backing will help to protect the biding and keep the rug from curling up on the corners. It helps keep the shape of the rug over the years as well.

Stain/Odor removal
Depending on the type of stain or odor, this process must be done after the cleaning is complete. Natural materials are used to remove all kinds of stains and odors resulting from pets or other objects.


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