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At Pacific Oriental Rug we thrive to provide our clients with the best customer service when it comes to Persian and Oriental carpets.

With over three generations of experience in this business, we can guarantee that our expert staff can provide the most accurate and dependable information and advice when it comes to purchasing a new rug to decorate your new home or make changes to your current décor.

As a third generation entrepreneur in the rug business, Mr. Daliri has been in this business for many years and is an expert all types of Persian and Oriental rugs from all over Iran and the rest of the world. In order to be certain that only the best quality of rugs reaches our store, Mr. Daliri travels to all the different cities and villages in Iran to meet with the weavers and hand pick the finest and the best rugs that are available.

The most beautiful varieties of fine carpets, pure silks, wool and silk blends, and signature series are available in different colors, sizes and shapes in order to suit any taste and preference when it comes to choosing a high quality Persian Rug.

In addition to the large selection of fine quality carpets that are available, our showroom boasts a vast number of traditional Persian tribal rugs that are not only uniquely designed but are made with pure vegetable dyes. Each carpet belongs to a specific tribe in Iran that Mr. Daliri has travelled to and hand picked in order to guarantee quality and authenticity.

Aside from the different types of Persian rugs that we carry, we have rugs from various other countries in our showroom. A diverse selection of rugs from different countries including India, China, Pakistan, and Afghanistan can also be found in our showroom. Whether you are looking for modern design carpets with a contemporary and relatively plain pattern or a more traditional design with a medallion, you are going to find it here with the best prices and highest qualities.

We work with some of Vancouver’s top-notch interior designers for both traditional and contemporary designs. Our large selection of luxury, modern design, and traditional carpets along with our great antique selection helps in creating putting the finishing touch on your home décor.


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